Promotion of YouTube - the goals and objectives of the promotion of video hosting.
There are millions of websites on the Internet, but among them there are resources that are interesting for each user of the World Wide Web. One of their most popular is YouTube, a service that has nearly 2 billion active users. Almost everyone uses it periodically, because there are links to videos in all social networks, on thematic portals and websites of commercial companies. Such popularity is caused by a variety of factors. Chief among them is the simple assimilation of video information.

Video hosting combines the main characteristics of a social network and television. Users have the opportunity not only to watch, but also to discuss what they see. The greater the involvement of the audience - the greater the chance for the video to become popular. You can create your own channel on the service and regularly upload content, this job is easy to monetize by providing an account as an advertising platform. To do this, you need to have a large number of subscribers, which means - you need to promote YouTube, which can be done free of charge and paid methods.

What does the promotion of YouTube
The video is uploaded, it is interesting, cool, useful, but it takes several days and it becomes clear that the initial surge of interest is the activity of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Alas, their number is limited and advertising companies will not be interested in this amount of views. A YouTube promotion is needed, which will attract off-line channel subscribers, provide the video with the necessary number of views and likes. Thanks to the work done, the video or channel will be able to be indexed and appear in the top of the search for the given topics. This will attract the attention of real users of video hosting, because first of all they watch videos with a large number of views and likes.

Promotion YouTube: how to engage users
It is not difficult to understand that the primary object of promotion of YouTube, is winding up the number of views. No less important is the increase in the number of channel subscribers and the number of likes. Video hosting is one of the few services where there is a dizlink feature. They help to express a negative attitude to the video - its content or quality of shooting. Surprisingly, promotion of Youtube includes the twisting of dizlikes! The fact is that video hosting robots record any activity on the page. Each dislink is a plus for indexing a video or channel.

User involvement is determined by the number of comments. Promotion YouTube allows you to make targeted comments in any way. This is necessary not only for video hosting robots, but also for organizing communication with potential customers. Discussions help to form an opinion about the product, services, brand. This is very important for companies that decide to promote their products through video marketing.