All of the above is my opinion based on my own experience, but, as a rule, all SMM tasks are divided into three types:

- We need heads. You need to come up with an idea, a concept, solve a problem, but no one has yet figured out exactly how. Ideas and hypotheses from the performer are required. In general, it is necessary that the performer is well versed in his topic, can advise on how best to do it, and be responsible for it. The ideal performer is a proactive person or agency that will offer their options.

- Experience is needed. I would like it to be "no worse than the competitors." You understand what exactly you like, you can show accounts that are being maintained as it should, but do not understand how to do so that you have the same. The ideal performer is someone who already has experience with your niche. Such a specialist can be found among the graduates of the course "Profession: SMM-manager", each student of has a set of priority areas. The format of work is by analogy.

- Hands are needed. You yourself understand the essence of the work, you have an understanding of what you want and what you absolutely do not want. There is also a knowledge of specific tools that will help you get things done. Now you only need straight arms to bring it to life. The same category includes projects that you previously managed independently and successfully, but now you want to delegate them to someone. An ideal performer is a person who knows how to do it clearly according to the instructions, according to the TOR and comply with deadlines.

The main thing is to understand what tasks the performer will solve, and based on this, draw a conclusion which performer is best suited for this role. Then there are more chances that your choice will be successful!