Research on the level of salaries in IT for the third quarter of 2020. Let's calculate the actual income of programmers and developers in Moscow.

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How "cosmic" are salaries in IT: market research from RealHR
Recruiting agency RealHR is in touch. We specialize in the selection of specialists in Digital and IT. And every day we are faced with the fact that the salary expectations of candidates do not correspond to what the employer offers, both in the smaller and in the larger direction.

There are several pain points in the IT market
There are many IT specialists, they are expensive, but there are really few smart ones. Therefore, there is a chronic shortage of personnel.

Good specialists are often hunted by offering a salary many times higher than the current one. Therefore, the balance of salaries in the market is upset, and the candidate himself may have inadequate salary expectations.

Despite the growing number of specialists, there is an acute shortage of employees with the required qualifications. Today, people who work with the stack rather than individual technologies are especially valued.

There is a general misunderstanding of how much a specialist of one level or another actually costs. This is what we help to understand with the help of market research.

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How "space" are salaries in IT: market research from RealHR

Where did the numbers come from
We used the data of HeadHunter (, then made a filter by Internet companies in the unloaded list of companies and left only relevant vacancies.

The vacancies were considered on the example of Moscow, but in the future we plan to do analytics for other regions.

The rating takes into account both the highest and the lowest salaries of specialists. All of them are real, but when assessing the level of wages, one should rely on the average values, and not the minimum and maximum.

Average IT Salary: Market Research from RealHR

Observations, conclusions and recommendations for IT specialists
Python and Golang developers are easiest to find work because they are in high demand and well paid. It is very difficult to find C and C ++ developers even with good salaries. But the demand for them is not so great either.

Product and Project Managers usually earn less than the developers who tend to report to them, but this does not mean that their total income is lower. Managers usually have more bonuses - they are not always taken into account in job descriptions, because everything depends on the results and actual performance of specific people, which is difficult to predict at the hiring stage.

If you own a large number of technologies and want to find a job, it is better not to name the resume as a Fullstack developer, but to prepare separate resumes with an emphasis on the different technologies in which you understand - for a specific job profile. This will give you the impression of being more qualified than someone who knows a little about everything.

For Frontend specialists, the recommendation is exactly the opposite: it is better to indicate in your resume that you have really extensive experience in developing web interfaces and that you are proficient in using certain frameworks. Today the company uses React, and tomorrow it will move on to something new, and those developers who have more flexibility in choosing tools will be especially appreciated.

In the resume of the highest paid specialists, the phrases “participated”, “helped”, “did” are rarely found. Everything in them is focused on the result: “made”, “implemented”, “developed”, “optimized”.

The full RFP rating can be downloaded here.

High salaries in IT are a reality. The higher the salary, the wider the scope of a specialist's responsibilities and the higher the expectations from his work.

In 3 months we will update the rating, perhaps add more positions, but for now we keep our finger on the pulse.