Today is a powerful social portal of the Runet, with an audience of about 50 million unique users. He is in the TOP-5 social networks of the post-Soviet countries. This platform has gained particular popularity among consumers with its useful online applications and a voluminous arsenal of interesting games. One of the main differences between My World and other social networks is that on this site it is quite difficult to make likes on your own. To do this, you need real user accounts, not dead pages.

Screw My World in - a direct path to popularity
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What is needed cheating likes

The main purpose of this popular service is to increase popularity for your friends. If you already have your own group, cheating helps in a short time to attract a large number of users and revive the activity of your public. If you just created a group, then this service will make the start of the community bright and successful. In any case, a popular group is a platform for profit. Advertisers are happy to place their ads on it.

In addition, with the help of likes, many webmasters get dramatically increased traffic to their sites, which allows them to actively promote a product or service.

To cheat My World, some users turn to Internet resources that offer to download special programs for cheating. However, this option has significant drawbacks. First, you will need to enter your username and password, and this is a leak of confidential information. Secondly, admins recognize poor-quality likes, because the program does not guarantee you the use of real people accounts. For winding up with the help of "dead souls", the administration blocks your personal page or group, no matter how many friends you have in it.

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