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How to increase YouTube traffic by 374%  following the next steps:

1. You should begin with creative content which will be interesting to your audience.

YouTube does not tolerate blunders. People will not enter the channel again, if from the very beginning there were no videos that they really needed.

If you are teaching, then 80% of the volume of your video should be masses of training videos. And these are not the videos in which they say what needs to be done, but they don’t say they are selling something, as in the end. You have to teach people that your every video is real value. That is, what the audience can go and apply.

Understandably, this does not mean that you should “feed” subscribers with important information, but if you are going to shoot empty videos, then it’s better not to waste your time at all.

I understand the temptation is great. I want to use every touch with the client at 100%. In this case, there is only one way - to constantly control yourself, prescribe the script of the commercials (everything to the smallest detail) and develop an understanding in yourself that these videos are, first of all, an investment.

2. Release videos regularly

As in the work with any social network, regularity plays an important role. Your goal is to ensure that the video is not just watched, but waited. For this, no matter where, it is important to regularly release content.

The best option is to create a schedule of exits. Suppose if once a week, every Thursday there will be one training video with real value, very soon the audience will get used to this state of affairs and wait for Thursday.

3. Attract attention with trivia.

What does it mean?

Women make 154% more clicks on the video with a thumbnail, which somehow stands out in the tape. In men, this figure is 64%. (The miniature GeniusMarketing is a large, well-readable title on the background of Olesya. You can think up your chip, test it and repeat it from video to video, or you can go a different way and make a new intriguing and eye catching miniature each time.)

40% of the feedback comes from a video that does not exceed 5 minutes (remember that subscribers see how long the video lasts, only this factor can divert a significant part from viewing). Decide on the optimal length of the video just for your topic. The shorter the better, but not always. Educational videos, for example, are best done from 5 min.

4. Fill in the meta data of the video.

In the meta data in detail, fill in the title and description tags. Title is a title that contains keywords. It is important to make it more powerful than the competition. To do this, simply enter your keywords into the YouTube search engine. You will see how videos with these words are ranked. So you can strengthen your headline with words that will distinguish you among competitors.

For this there is a meta tag. In the tag with keywords to the video is better to add from 3 to 8 pieces. These are the most basic words on which the video will be promoted.

Be sure to create a description for the video. It should also contain keywords that the video will be promoted. Optimally, they are repeated 2-3 times. The description is important to make unique so that it does not appear anywhere else. A link to the site where you want to bring traffic, it is better to place in the beginning of the description.

5. Add annotations.

Small inscriptions on the video with pop-up windows "Click here", etc. work fine, so don't ignore them. This is an open call to action that viewers get. Do them on previous and subsequent videos.

6. Be consistent.

Use the same liner, video length, style, and part of the title. Choose a template and stick to it.

7 Use the Backlinks.

The more backlinks the better. Share videos in all possible soc. networks. If the videos are really good, then the audience will connect to you soon.

8 Give the idea of the next issue at the end of the video.

Talk to viewers. This rule applies to all soc. networks, applies to YouTube. Respond to comments quickly and kindly. This builds relationships, and they can already be translated into feedback and sales.

These numbers are useful to know:

96% of clicks, if in the letter on the mailing CTA video from YouTube.

51% conversion rate among inactive users, if the video contains a video from YouTube.

+ 12% of visits to Vkontakte and Facebook after viewing the video and linking it to the page.

8% more discoverability of video on mobile phones than from computers.

P.S. Please note that we do use any actions to promote video to the TOP by means of gray methods. 

YouTube  traffic sources are the following:

Related videos;

Searches YouTube;

External sources;

YouTube sections where you can watch videos;

YouTube channels;


Browser address bar and bookmarks;

Playlist pages;

Other YouTube pages;

Tips and annotations;

Advertisement on YouTube;


Final screensavers;

And many others.

How to increase views on YouTube channel?

Recommendations ofn YOUTUBE Vifro optimization

It is no secret that for an Internet traffic plays an important role for  any business development. And one of the powerful traffic channels is YouTube.

How to increase views on YouTube

Algorithms Google and Youtube do not stand still and are constantly evolving. And if you do not want your channel to be banned on one “beautiful” day, that is why we advise you to promote your videos in legal ways.

We offer proper optimization of videos that will help you increase the number of views.

In order to increase the number of views, it is necessary to take a very responsible attitude to the preparation of the video before publication. The better you optimize it, the greater chance that Google will raise your video in search results.

How to optimize videos on Youtube

1. The first thing that needs to be done is to pick up a key request for which you will promote your video. Google Adwords will help you with this. This is not like blogging, you can move up on HF (high-frequency) requests.

2. Before uploading videos on Youtube, name your video file as well as a key request. If you are advancing on the request “How to succeed,” then the video file should be called accordingly.

3. After the video is uploaded, it is necessary to fill in all the fields in the YouTube settings.

The name should be your key phrase.

Give a detailed description of your video. Include a key phrase once or twice in the description. You can add links to your profiles in the social. networks.

If the video is long and consists of several thematic sections, then it’s worth adding time bookmarks to the description. This is an added convenience for users. By clicking on the time, the person will begin to view the video from the moment of interest.

Be sure to include tags that best describe your video.

Complete your list of tags with those that YouTube offers you.

A personalized icon is a picture that you add instead of one of the random frames.

Create such a picture with the help of any graphic editor. And before downloading it for your video - do not forget to rename it to your key phrase.

4. Videos uploaded, optimized, published. To increase views on YouTube, you need to run our video on social networks.

So, it's time to like yourself (I mean to click the “I like” button under the video myself) and share your video in various social networks.

Start with Google+ because Youtube belongs to Google. Then go through the rest of the buttons.

If possible, ask a few of your friends to watch your video and put you “Thumbs up” and write a comment. The fact is that if around the video, in the next few days after publication, activity will be observed - this will be a signal for Google. It means that people are interested in the video, they comment on it, like it, share it with friends.

Your video will begin to rise in the search results. So the number of views will increase.

Keep in mind that no matter how well you optimize the video, if the video is not interesting and useless, then increasing the number of views will be problematic.

True, there are cases when absolutely incompetent videos get a viral effect precisely because of their lack of talent. People start sharing them, just to laugh.

* For advanced - Before you convert a video, do not forget to fill in the properties of its description, keywords, author, etc.

We hope that in this post you have found useful information for yourself, if so, do not forget to share the article in the social. networks.

And of course, subscribe for updates, ask questions, write comments.

We wish you a successful promotion!

Social Media Marketing SMM

SMM means a complex of actions in social networks to promote sales, increase brand awareness, built loyalty, etc.

Search engine optimization SEO

SEO means a complex of actions to improve the position of the site in the results of search engines for pre-selected queries.

Search Engine Reputation Management SERM

SERM means a series of actions aimed at increasing the amount of positive content about a company, brand, or a specific product.

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Millions in SMM. All the truth

Millions in SMM. All the truth

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