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What is the job of an SMM specialist?
Unfortunately, many people think that SMM promotion is responsible only for 2 functions: content posting and communication with users. But no! Let's talk briefly about what is included in the integrated work on SMM:

Analytics: analysis of competitors and target audience.
Strategy development: setting goals and developing strategies for achieving them, compiling a platform for implementation.
Design: development and preparation of TZ for drawing the design of the group (from wiki-menu to templates for posts).
Content: developing a content plan, generating content, posting and subsequent analysis of its involvement.
Administration and moderation: user feedback, prompt neutralization of negativity, cleaning spam, conducting activities
Setting up advertising: targeted advertising and advertising in the thematic communities and everything related to the attraction of Central Asia
Reporting: conducting a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign
Adjustments: make adjustments to the promotion strategy to increase efficiency.
Not a little, is it? And all this is part of the work of the team that promotes your social networks. If, of course, we are talking about professionals.

It turns out that SMM is not only sales promotion, but only part of a social work package or its ultimate goal. Yes, sales promotion is the main result that any company wants to achieve, but not the only thing it is worth.

However, the advantages of SMM-promotion abound, and here are the main ones:

Increase brand awareness. This is mainly influenced by the effect of word of mouth, which, in turn, is influenced by the competent promotion and motivation of users to tell about you to their friends.
Formation of loyalty. Suppose you are looking for a birthday gift for your girlfriend and fill the following query in a search engine: what to give the girl for her birthday, an online store. Come to one of the first sites that gave you a search, buy a gift and leave, forgetting about this online store once and for all.
With the help of SMM, this online store will be able to secure customers. Community members will not only get acquainted with the assortment, but also with reviews, as well as be able to participate in competitions, etc. But, most importantly, you will always be in sight of your customers and they certainly will not forget about you and come back again.
Opposition to negativity. Own page in social networks helps the company to react to the negative in a timely manner and, with its competent working out, maintain a positive image of the company. Well, you will receive a timely and honest evaluation of your services to improve your service.
Let's return to sales promotion. Social networks are a great traffic donor. In the thematic group is placed a suitable post leading to your page, as a result of which the target audience of this group is redirected to you.
Well, of course, you can sell your services or products directly on the page on the social network. There are several advantages at once: the page has a user-friendly interface, it is adapted to any mobile device (which also simplifies the interaction) and helps to quickly contact the seller. Thus, communication between the user and the company takes place at a more trusting level - social networks have this.

How much to wait for results?
Almost every customer is waiting for a quick result, which is not surprising, because he paid the money, trusted in unfamiliar people and wants to finally "break the ice." However, to make the first sales you need to wait a fair amount, especially if the company is little known. How many? On average 2-3 months. What happens during this time:

"Catching" customers who might be interested in your service or product. Do not forget, people in social networks come to have fun, and not to buy specific products from an unknown manufacturer.
A trusting relationship between you and users is created, and dialogue with the audience is being established.
Gradually, real clients come that help not only to increase sales, but also to create a positive image.
Pros and cons
Promotion in social networks is a real opportunity for the company to declare itself and gather a loyal audience, but for this you need to be patient and trust the experts. First of all, consider whether a service like SMM will suit you. For many B2B companies this may simply be an inefficient solution. Your clients will not search for you in social networks, but will go straight to the site.

If promotion in social networks is about you, then taking into account the specifics of the business, the SMM specialist will select the appropriate platform (s): FB, VK, Instagram, Telegram, etc. And then the list!

Feel free to make big plans, but be patient!


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