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SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a set of measures that are aimed at promoting a product or brand in social networks or using social platforms.

With the help of SMM tools, marketers manage to significantly influence the promotion of a brand, the purchase of goods and services by consumers.

This happens because:

information (including advertising) that is distributed on social networks causes particular trust among users in view of the recommendatory mechanism for its distribution;

there is the possibility of a point impact on the target audience in social networks;

There is a fairly wide choice of communication technologies with representatives of a specific target audience.

SMM tasks

One of the key tasks of SMM is to manage the opinion of users regarding a particular brand or product being promoted. Currently, Internet users are seeking to obtain maximum information about the product, including in the mode of feedback from manufacturing companies or distributors. Providing consistent information about the brand and product, timely and competent response to reviews and questions can improve the company's reputation, strengthen its position in the market. With the help of SMM techniques, providing a constant reminder of the benefits of a particular brand, increasing customer loyalty is achieved. This is the key to attracting new customers, increasing the number of repeat sales, reducing marketing costs and traditional advertising. The SMM toolkit allows you to achieve high conversion rates.

SMM Tools and Techniques

Each successful SMM project involves activities in several directions. To achieve results in promotion through social platforms, it is necessary to have a good understanding of current SMM tools, as well as to be able to assess how each of them corresponds to a particular brand, product, marketing strategy and the chosen social network. At the same time, a qualified specialist should always take into account the fact that the use of individual methods in SMM can worsen the image of a promoted brand.

Among the most popular social media marketing tools for use are:

Creation of blogs, communities filled with special materials, their promotion. They are platforms for communication with fans or critics of the brand, searching for potential consumers, and communication with expert experts. Groups allow you to inform about the company's news, strengthen the brand image, engage in expert activities, argue the merits of the products;

Leading community discussions on behalf of the company, organizing thematic discussions, commenting reviews. One of the goals of social marketing is to provide interesting content and form a positive brand perception among users. Discussions about the benefits of the brand work very effectively, but their support at the expert level is quite time-consuming;

Creation of discussions on the thematic forums using hidden marketing mechanisms, thanks to which consumers receive commercial messages and at the same time do not feel themselves objects of marketing influence. For these purposes, native advertising is used, which is creatively introduced into the discussion and corresponds to it in content and format. Using this tool SMM works to increase the number of clicks, sales or other targeted actions;

Direct marketing - leading discussions directly on behalf of the company, which involves the personal communication of the brand representatives with the consumer;

Explicit advertising on the pages of bloggers or in thematic communities. The fact that individual bloggers have expert authority gives them the opportunity to control the opinions of representatives of target audiences. Examples of SMM sites popular for advertising of this type are Instagram, YouTube, VKontakte, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter;

Viral marketing, implying such a technology of influence, with the help of which the target audience is independently engaged in active promotion of a brand or product. The basis of this technology SMM is the formation of the most interesting for the target audience of content, so that she gets to know the information very quickly. Viral advertising options are videos, audio materials, pictures, limited texts, creative news, etc .;

Creating a positive image of the company in the communities. Social networks make it possible with the help of SMM techniques to create a favorable brand image, to convey to a significant number of users the necessary information about the advantages of the company and the products offered. Features of building social networks allow you to work in strictly defined segments of the target audience. Creation of reputational capital is provided by such SMM methods as the publication of product reviews and the company's strategy, and experience in interacting with it. As a result of the processing of this information by search engines, it becomes available to both the target audience and other Internet users.

SMM benefits

Brand promotion using the SMM toolkit has a number of competitive advantages, the most important of which are:

low promotion cost. SMM is very cheap, because this activity is based mainly on activity in social networks. Its key stages, including correspondence, finding friends, forming communities, commenting and communicating, involve only time, not financial resources;

wide audience. Due to the fact that users have a continuous exchange of information, through the use of SMM tools, a wide coverage of the target audience is provided regardless of location. News about brands and products are discussed not only in thematic groups, but also go beyond them. Active discussion, as a result, leads to an increase in incoming traffic to the company's website;

increase traffic Thanks to the placement of information in thematic communities, advertising reaches the maximum number of representatives of the target audience. It also contributes to the promotion of the company's website: target traffic increases, website positions in search engines become higher. In this case, the company receives accurate contact details of interested users;

gradual development of the image, which will continue for a long period. The implementation of the SMM project allows the company to demonstrate its openness, state the benefits, provide full information about the products. Such an approach becomes the key to increasing reputational capital.


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