3 years ago I came across an ad that promises good income if I take a two month SMM specialist course.

At that time, I was thinking about changing my profession, as they say, I was looking for myself. I was choosing between the professions of an English teacher and an SMM specialist.

I chose this SMM course, paid $ 100, and voila. I bought the course, took it for almost two years.

Have I become an SMM specialist? Yes! At first I tried to find the first free clients. So we were taught on the course. The attempts ended in nothing. But I remembered what was in the advertisement ... as soon as I finished the course, I would immediately go to live in Bali. Further ... on the path to the dream ...

My first work related to SMM began two years later. An acquaintance came to me and offered to start promoting his personal brand. I knew the theory, it's time to start practice. After agreeing on the payment, I began to design pages on social networks, make cover layouts.

And wait for the promised millions.
I organized a photo session for social media and everything seemed to be going great. The first oddities appeared after a couple of months, when I, having offered my first client a targeting service, discovered a month later that he decided to study himself somewhere in free courses and continued to do advertising. Have you encountered this? Maybe.

Then who is an SMM specialist? Anyone who has taken paid or free courses? I don't know, I still think that this profession is an illusion. What do you think about this?

I did not stop my development in this direction. I took endless courses on creating photo and video content, writing posts, storytelling. Conducted webinars, set up contextual advertising.

Six months later, I found a new job as an SMM specialist. And yes, I have been in dozens of interviews, doing several test tasks. At some stage, I refused to do test tasks, because they already consisted of creating not only content, but also writing the entire marketing strategy for the company, the obligatory listing of the shortcomings that were in their social networks. Which was just free work for the benefit of companies that collect information about the quality of their social media pages.

So, about my second job as an SMM specialist. It lasted only two months. I prepared content, created video polls, hosted webinars, wrote endless targeting reports. She worked 24/7. This is for those who think that work is easy and Bali is somewhere nearby. But, neither Bali, nor gratitude from the leaders, I never heard. Everyone had one question: where is our money? Moreover, it is also not clear how advertising on social networks connected them with huge profits and an SMM specialist who earns little money.

During this work in the office, it seemed to me that apart from the office, there was no other life. Each week, more new content and creativity were required.

How do you get creative in a sleep deprivation mode, working 24/7? Share!

And so I wanted creativity in this work. And when I was offered to lead the direction of the beauty sphere, I agreed. It would seem, celebrities, everything around is beautiful, luxury style life, as if you find yourself in "The Devil Wears Prada". That is, it wears. With so much content, stress at work, spite and hiss in the terrarium, my head was spinning. Now I believe that The Devil Wears Prada is based on a true story.

And this is not Bali again
But it is not easy to stop me, especially when they promised to live in Bali ... and yes ... one of the founders of these courses moved to live from a small village, a town, to Europe, closer to the sea. Now he writes in posts that he is very happy. It is wonderful that he is happy, the courses continue to make a profit, promising everyone who has passed them will go straight to heaven.

One job in the beauty field has replaced another ... and I never see Bali ... only offices with tired employees who are recommended to stay in place during lunch, bringing lunch with them, not wasting time on useless things.

Share your experience in the field of SMM. And I will tell you further about my new adventures in SMM.

And for those who nevertheless believe in the fairy tale that SMM courses promise us, before buying this course, stop, find information about what SMM is that you are offered and are you ready to work 24/7 in about the same way as digging a trench relentlessly bringing dollars to your boss.