Many continue to work according to the scheme that was relevant yesterday, but no longer works today. By creating a public on VKontakte, uploading several posts a day there, some still believe that sooner or later they will achieve success. Not achieved. Why?

Promotion on social networks (and not only there) has changed in 2021. This is the fault of both total competition and the change of algorithms by which certain posts / articles are ranked. But is it worth losing optimism? Of course not! But you need to change your work a little: change the approach to SMM and forget about the quick results of 2010–2015. Those times are irrevocably gone, but a new time has come to replace it with new opportunities.

5 reasons why you can't get results on social media
Considering the reasons why people still fail to achieve good results in promotion, we relied on the experience of SMM specialists. In addition to the reasons themselves, we also managed to figure out solutions! Thanks to the work done, you will definitely "move" from the spot.

1. Article for the sake of article
Some publishers say that "you need to upload at least something, because the main thing is regularity." Yes and no. On the one hand, the regular publication of posts or articles counts as a plus. On the other hand, it matters what you post. If you post text for the sake of text, then it's best not to post it at all.

Decision. It is necessary to reduce the frequency of posts so that the quality of the content does not suffer. Take care of your content plan ahead of time. With it, you will have much less headache.

2. Over-praising your brand
“We're so cool and so awesome! By the way, they even cooperate with us ... ”(and the list goes on). Previously, charlatans liked to show off such regalia, hanging in their office on the wall 100,500 diplomas / certificates / titles, etc. At one time they really sought the location of clients, but how it came to work, everything immediately became clear!

Today, other mechanisms that worked before, but have now become especially effective, are giving results:

word of mouth,
With the last point, too, not everything is so smooth, since reviews are often paid for, however, the first two points still hold.

Decision. There is no need to once again declare your company in the posts. Better to try to make the post go viral so that its distribution is as effective as possible. Clients and / or advertisers will already come for this.

3. Pressure for pity
Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer or potential client and consider whether it is worth pushing for pity, even if it may occasionally generate some leads? Even if a person buys something from you, will he come back again, knowing that they will again “press on pity”? Most probably not. And practice shows that over a long period of time you will lose.

Decision. Instead of posting "whiny" pictures at the end of posts asking to buy a product, it is better to come up with an original competition. Hook the client. It is important that he comes back to you again and takes a couple of friends with him.

4. Broken sales funnel
This is not about the fact that the sales funnel does not work at all, but about the fact that it does not work for many people, those who maintain various publics on social networks. It is important to understand at what stage you "fail". Many companies have a weak point in the "Sales Department". There is advertising, there is content, there is a product, clients find the company and even call ... But there are no sales. When you knock on the sales department, they explain to you: "We can't do anything, they don't want to take it." Is this the answer?

Decision. Create your own sales funnel. Today there are many models that you can use to build your own funnel, but remember that you cannot do without correction. Everything is gained with experience. Your personal business will be successful when you understand the entire sales chain from and to.

5. Misunderstanding of behavioral factors
Not tracking behavioral factors in social networks is one of the seven deadly sins of an SMM person. Of course, he will not go to hell, but his reputation will be floating on the bottom with the same smart people who think that "behavioral factors in 2021 do not work, I myself know which is better!". It is in social networks that behavioral factors play a very important role. You need their analysis to understand the case, and the algorithms have nothing to do with it. Even for PF sites, they have not gone anywhere, although soon these factors will be taken into account less and less.

Decision. Set up social media metrics and analytics to understand what's going on with your business as a whole. What do people react to, what are the indicators, who went where and why. You must know everything! And then you will already be in control of the process, and not the circumstances by you.

Eliminating something, and correcting something from these five points, you can achieve a lasting result. Of course, nothing will work right away, which is even good. The slower the result takes hold, the better it is usually.

Develop an action plan, try to stick to it, but adjust as necessary. Believe take on your creativity, experience, or skills that you possess. You can't outsource everything to get the job done for you. It doesn't work that way. If someone guaranteed the result, there would already be a queue. So forward to action!