How to make money on a blog?

Practice shows that absolutely any blogger can make money: it doesn’t matter if you have a hundred subscribers or a thousand, you can always get at least a small reward from advertisers. There are many ways that you can make money on your own blog. Today we will try to talk about the basic methods: how, where and how much a blogger can earn.

Making Money on a Blog: The Most Popular Ways
So, let’s take it as a basis that you already have your own blog and at least a small but stable readership. Subscribers find your texts informative, interesting, and useful. You do your favorite thing and benefit others. All that remains is to start getting money from this or, as is customary to say among professionals, monetize the blog.

The two main ways to make money are:

writing publications through the "Blogun" system;
participation in affiliate programs.
We will tell about each of the methods in more detail.

Affiliate Programs as a Way to Make Money
Using the Blogun service, you can earn money not only by placing paid publications, but also by becoming a member of affiliate programs. How it works? The scheme for transferring funds is extremely simple: as soon as the advertiser replenishes the balance of his personal account or the blogger withdraws the earned funds, the partner receives a reward.

“Blogun” takes a commission of 15%, and the blogger’s earnings are 25% of the company's profit plus 15% of the bonus amount: this is done so that the commission on withdrawing funds does not fall on the blogger’s shoulders. Bonuses are accrued at the beginning of each month based on the results of work in the past.

No action is required from the blogger: you simply attract new advertisers and authors to collaborate with Blog. You can bring to the project not only those with whom you have already managed to collaborate or who you know personally. You can safely place banners and links, train newcomers to work in the system. As a result, Blogun will thank you financially: you will receive your percentage of each completed operation.

Creation of advertising publications
There are several principles without which it is simply impossible to make money on a blog. You must understand that the higher the number of your subscribers, the more actively you publish materials, and the users respond to them, the higher the chances of making big money. Are you an existing blogger with your readership? Then it's time to step up: get tasks from advertisers, create great articles and get rewards.

Today, the service makes it possible to order articles from leading bloggers who can not only write text, but also create a photo report from the place of events. Publications in which a blogger talks about how he used a sample of a product and expresses his opinion about it are very effective.

How much can a blogger make?
You will be surprised, but earnings on article publications can be quite high. The addiction is simple: you make a quality blog and start attracting advertisers. The more interesting the site, the higher the cost of publication, and the number of advertising articles depends only on your activity: you need to be able to attract customers.

Monetize your blog and sell links