Hundreds of millions of photos and texts are uploaded to Instagram every day, but some posts get likes and comments from users, while others just scroll in the feed. What should be a truly interesting and effective business account that attracts potential customers? What should I write in it, besides advertising descriptions of goods and services? We will share with you more than two dozen interesting ideas, after implementing which you will definitely get the cherished red hearts and new followers.

Before you start

Before we charge you with new ideas, here's a quick look at what a good business profile should look like:

A clear, memorable avatar. No group photos, blurry logos or small print. Recognizable, high quality, bright!
Laconic informative description: who are you, what do you offer, what is better than others?
Contact details, website link, etc.
Monotonous, consistent in the same style / scale, with regularly posted posts.
At least 1-2 thousand subscribers and the same number of hearts under the selling photos. They are essential!
Let us dwell on the last point in more detail. Judge for yourself: you liked the beautiful thing depicted in the accidentally seen photo; you want to know the price. Hmm, quite expensive, but maybe it's worth it? You already imagine yourself in this fur coat / dress / earrings, but suddenly you find under the image 2 comments from bots and only 7 likes. The desire to buy this thing instantly disappears!

It is quite another matter when a person sees hundreds of likes and comments under the photo of the desired product, and the profile has a solid subscriber base - the trust in such a brand increases many times over! But how to achieve such indicators if you are just starting to sell on the social network? Winding up likes on Instagram through a proven promotion service with good reviews, for example, ALL-SMM, will help. It will help you create a base from which your business account can start with dignity.

Non-trivial business blog posts: 11 ideas

No matter how good your brand and its products are, no one will subscribe to an account that only constantly posts ads for goods and services. People are tired of unnecessary information in the feed and strive to get rid of it. We offer you several options for posts that people will like and will attract them to your profile.

1. Current niche trends. If you're selling clothes, why not review fashion week shows? With correctly selected hashtags, potential customers can look into your shop.

2. The opinion of a celebrity about your or a similar product. Perhaps some singer or politician's wife is wearing a dress very similar to what you are selling?

3. Behind the scenes of production, backstages - the viewer is always interested in learning what is usually hidden from view. Show who and how invents and manufactures the goods (naturally, without giving away commercial secrets).

4. A selection of expert advice on the choice, care, use of things.

5. Exposing fraud, fraud, testing forgeries in comparison with the original.

6. History of the establishment of a business, funny events or sad experiences. Tell us how it all started.

7. An interview with the owner or one of the specialists, questions for which the subscribers themselves will come up with.

8. Forecast of developments in the niche for the next 2-10 years.

9. An interesting competition for readers with a worthy prize and an original task.

10. Screenshots of customer reviews.

11. Humor, quotes, news, rumors, compilations of useful material - all this will also bring a positive effect when dosed into the tape.

Best Business Account Strategy

It is clear that you cannot do without selling posts, so we recommend that you adhere to the following scheme: publish one advertising post for every 3-5 posts of information or entertainment content. You will definitely be forgiven him, he will not annoy followers.

Beautiful presentation

But even the very same selling publication can be made in such a way that it will get a reader's like without any promotion - you just need to show imagination and creativity. Here are some ideas:

Describe the story of a customer who is successful because of you, your service or product. Maybe the manicure helped to get out of months of depression, and the original tie made it easier to meet the girl of your dreams?
Let your subscribers have a little part in creating the product, ask their advice, take a poll or vote.
Actively cover your participation in public life, exhibitions, charitable projects.
Top lists, instructions, checklists on niche topics and customer needs always come with a bang.
Create intrigue and an atmosphere of anticipation by announcing a special offer, promotion, or new product release.
Educate your audience by sharing valuable knowledge, revealing ingredients, terminology in your field. Make them feel like connoisseurs and make sure they are choosing the right product.
Diversity is the key to success!

Use the entire arsenal of tools offered by Instagram. Don't focus only on unique texts or incredibly beautiful

photographs. The audience on the social network is very different: someone looks at the photos without looking at the caption at all; others love to read and are eager to communicate in the comments, and some have not scrolled the feed for a long time, viewing only "stories". Acting in all directions, tracking trends and tricks used by successful competitors, you will always be relevant and interesting to readers.

Try to put into practice the ideas we have outlined - we guarantee that soon you will easily attract new active subscribers, and your business blog will begin to bring stable sales. Develop your own unique style, build a virtual image step by step, love the audience that reads you and be sensitive to its desires and aspirations. Good luck!