SMM is social media marketing. Marketing based on working with people who are users of VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.

Tasks that SMM solves:

- Increasing brand awareness;
- Attracting the target audience and further converting traffic (to the site, to subscriptions, to hits - depends on the project);
- Interaction with the target audience (potential customers) before contacting the company;
- Information support for clients;
- Formation of a positive image of the company;
- Formation of a pool of loyal users (brand advocates);
- Working with negativity, customer support in social networks.

What does an SMMperson do
SMMs are engaged in social media marketing. There are narrow specialists, and there are specialists of a wider profile. This means that someone deals with only 1-2 items from the list and specializes in this, while someone has a wider range of skills and masters more options:

- Development of an SMM strategy;
- Setting up targeted advertising;
- Content creation for social networks (copywriting);
- Design of visual content for social networks;
- Taking photos, videos for social networks;
- Posting on social networks using delayed posting;
- Conducting contests in social networks;
- Stimulating user activity on social networks (engagement);
- Monitoring comments and replies to them on behalf of the company (administration);
- Placing paid advertising publications in groups and communities;
- Working with bloggers (advertising);
- Monitoring of reviews and mentions of the company in social networks, prompt response to them;
- Analytics of competitors' strategies in social networks;
- Statistics and analytics on own projects in social networks, reporting;
- Project management, approval of project details with the customer.

Long list, right? In fact, it is extremely rare that there are specialists who know how to do all of the above. In general, what an SMM worker does is a very controversial issue, because it is at the intersection of the interests of the customer and the contractor.

To put it bluntly, you have needs for working with SMM. You can close them with one specialist or several people. And the initial impulse - let's take one person, let him do everything at once! - often turns out to be erroneous, since the whole sphere of SMM covers people with completely different skills.

For example, a person who understands analytics and statistics may not be able to work with graphic programs and do “beautifully”. And this is not so much a question of skills and abilities as abilities in general - for complex work in SMM you need different people, or a very talented person who will be equally good at everything (such are rare and expensive).

SMM has traditional narrow specializations. For example, such professions as targeting specialist, content manager, social media administrator, social media designer.