Periscope is an application from the developers of the social network Twitter and is used to create video broadcasts. This program allows you to perform live broadcasts on operating systems such as iOS (on the iPhone) and Android. The platform was launched in March 2015, and until today it is rapidly developing and updating. One of the urgent tasks that excites many users of Periscope - likes.

We will help you to like likes in Periscope
Already in August 2015, the application could boast a 10-million number of users, so many would be interested to learn how to put likes in Periscope to express their sympathy for the participant who broadcasts a video about himself. Registered users of any social network are always pleased to receive likes from friends and acquaintances. If the host of the broadcast receives many likes, it also allows him to be sure that his videos raise their spirits and interest someone.

Why are likes in Periscope

Initially, they in Periscope allowed to raise the video broadcasting rating in a specific region. At the moment, the video is sorted according to relevance. In any case, in Periscope, the likes still bring certain benefits:

user moral satisfaction;
visual appeal (husky in the form of hearts);
adding hearts to the user's piggy bank;
increasing the popularity of the account;
If you are in business, likes are an opportunity to monetize your account, gaining a sufficient number of fans and, possibly, future customers of your company.
Put likes and feel free to express your admiration for the host of the broadcast. Each user who is connected to the online broadcast, is assigned its own color, which is reflected in the likes. Colors can be repeated as the application selects them in a random order. To find out the color of each user, just go to the general list of the online broadcast and view it.

It is important to note that only likes of a public broadcast are counted, and from private ones they are not counted and do not replenish the collection. Despite this, today there is the possibility of artificially winding them, and the Smmlaba service will help you with this. In a short time you will be able to get many additional rewards in the form of likes, which will allow you to increase your popularity in Periscope video broadcasts.