Many Internet users are interested in such a service as tumblr likes and reposts. As a project, Tumbler is rather unusual and different from the usual social networks. This is a free Tlog service. It combines the capabilities of the blogging platform, allowing you to create short notes, post your favorite music, photos and videos and at the same time, the account owner has the right to upload photos and videos that are on third-party services, including materials marked 18+.

Cheating Tumblr Subscribers
At first glance, everything seems simple, but the Tamblolog has its own secrets. There are special rules. You will not be able to keep a regular diary, because the blog limits the posts to a certain concise format. This is a kind of electronic notebook or microblogging, where everything is very concise and understandable. It is quite natural that in the world where a person is overloaded with a variety of information every day, such an idea has gained a lot of fans.

At the same time, not everyone is able to quickly promote Tumblr through the publication of interesting materials. This can happen even if you are a very talented blogger, have chosen the topic correctly and are creating new original posts every day, after all, it’s not easy to stand out and get likes and reposts against the background of 340 million users.

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