Among the 25 million Russian-speaking Facebook users are people of different age and social groups. That is why it is one of the best sources for finding new customers. Unfortunately, the organizer is far from always satisfied with the number of requests for the Facebook event. Even if we are talking about a very interesting and useful webinar or an online conference, it’s not so easy to draw attention to your event in a huge information flow.

Quick cheat Facebook event
That is why it is worth resorting to more effective tools for promotion and cheating.

This is about cheating Facebook event, which will work much faster than simple ways to invite participants.

Of course, you can do without cheating applications if you already have a large number of friends and subscribers on the social network. In such a case, it is enough to place on your page an advertising and informational post with an invitation. This method is suitable for those who are already surrounded by like-minded people, that is, we are talking about experienced infobusinessmen. If you are just starting to promote your brand, then it will be difficult to collect the necessary number of applications. It turns out a vicious circle: few applications - few new customers who are ready to become like-minded people.

The best solution to the problem for the owner of a business account is contacting SMMLaba to order a service to cheat up a Facebook event. If a webinar or a conference picks up a large number of applications, then the event will certainly be of interest to ordinary users who will be interested to attend such a popular event. If the quality of training is really up to par, you will immediately have many more subscribers.


Applications for promotion are made through a personal account. You just need to specify a link to the event and the categories of users to whom you want to address your ad, and our system will do the trick!

SMMLaba has affordable prices for promotion on Facebook and favorable conditions for cooperation, as thousands of users of this social network have already seen many times.