Videos are one of the most effective ways of presenting information on the Internet: a combination of audio and video, captions, captions, infographics make it possible for users to get the information they need as quickly as possible. The most popular resource that allows you to upload videos in accordance with the interests of the target audience (to attract customers, as well as to obtain additional income from advertising) is YouTube. The function of the dedicated channel provides effective promotion of YouTube on the Internet for any brand.

High quality promotion of YouTube: likes, dislikes, reposts, comments and other user activity with a guarantee
The company SMMLaba offers high-quality promotion services on YouTube both for individual videos and for entire channels. For customers who have their own channels working with a commercial purpose, our services will increase the popularity and attendance, increase user activity, hence the level of indexation and profit from views from advertising. SMMLaba is not a program for cheating YouTube, but a full-fledged service, where you will be offered high-quality channel promotion services without using artificial methods (emulators).

Features of the promotion of video and channels on YouTube

Promotion on YouTube is not the most difficult task, since the service offers a lot of tools for displaying user activity, and not only in a positive way. Unlike almost all popular social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter and others), on YouTube there is the possibility of expressing a disapproving rating, whereas on Facebook or VKontakte, you can only put "like". The function of "dislikes" allows the user to put a negative assessment of the content or quality of the video. Contrary to logic, user disapproval does not affect the rating of the video or the entire channel from either the search engines or the target audience.

Promotion of the channel on YouTube with the help of “dislikes” is a common practice. This is due to the fact that any activity of users is positively interpreted by search engines (even with a rating of “minus”), which increases the search ranking of the video and channel. Also, the presence of "dislikes" causes subconscious curiosity from other users who seek to find out what exactly causes a negative reaction from the public. And what's more, if the video has extremely positive ratings, it is perceived by users as something artificially created. Therefore, competent promotion of YouTube includes not only the likes of likes, but also an order for a moderate amount of "dislikes".

How to promote a channel on Youtube with our help?

On the SMMLaba website, you can order a YouTube promotion service online using various tools, including:

cheating "dislikes" - regular and off by criteria;
add a video or channel to your favorites;
commenting, including the texts you have previously written;
views of clips usual and full;
views with retention, including country-targeted;
video repost;
regular and offside likes (by criteria);
Offline subscribers.
On the YouTube channel, promotion takes place thanks to the services of offers - live service users who have their own accounts. For a fee they perform the tasks listed above. This guarantees a high quality of promotion and predictable behavior of the performers, that is, a stable result of the promotion of the YouTube channel.