There are many ways to cheat views on Youtube, both internal, related to the feature of the site, and external, starting with paid services and ending with various cheating programs. One of the easiest and free ways to play up the Youtube channel views is to automatically update the page with a video. To do this, simply open a video on YouTube in the browser and set an automatic page refresh, each of which will be counted by the system as a separate preview. Just need to remember some nuances: the interval between updates must be at least 20 seconds. It should also be borne in mind that from one IP does not count more than 320 views.

Cheat video views on YouTube: from 30 rubles per 1000 views with likes and comments
Another way to cheat on Youtube online is to ask friends to go to the page and upload your video. It will cost you free of charge, but you have no guarantee that your request will be fulfilled. As an alternative - you can buy viewing your video as a paid job on various referral services. For this, you will have to pay a certain amount of money (usually it is not so large as to save the budget on the wipe of views on YouTube in this way). As a verification of the assignment by the executor, you can request to take a screenshot of the video at a specific minute, etc.

To help get views, as well as likes and comments of your video, you can use the program to cheat on Youtube, for example Viewer or Vagex. On it, by the way, you can earn on watching other people's videos. You do not need to spend time sitting behind the monitor, video loading and viewing automatically.

Cheat views subscribers to YouTube on referral resources
The next way to increase the rating, as well as get likes, comments and other user activity - these are special sites for cheating on Youtube. With the help of these services you can buy the required number of views of your video. Unlike various bots and automatic programs, this method protects your account from blocking as an unscrupulous user. Examples of such sites for cheating on YouTube, where the video is watched by real users, on the Internet a lot. On these services for cheating on Youtube, the quality of user activity can be quite high, with a guarantee of protection against blocking and other problems. But usually the cost of such services is quite high, and the time spent on their implementation takes more.

If you need a really high quality and an increase in the rating without the risk of a ban and overpayments, buy a wrap video on Youtube using various parameters in the SMMLaba system. Here you will cheat on YouTube online by certain criteria:

full views;
simple scans and hold scans;
Offline scans by specified criteria;
Youtube views with geo-targeting function, i.e. with user-defined parameters, including by country of residence.
Cheating on SMMLaba is cheating live views on Youtube without using programs and bots that can lead to account blocking by the YouTube administration. You can buy the service right now on the site by selecting any of the categories. We accept different payment methods, including electronic money and transfer to the card