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Enlarge Instagram likes by real visitors and influencers

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Enlarge Instagram likes by real visitors and influencers

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Enlarge Instagram likes by real visitors and influencers

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17 november 2019, 18:46

To begin with, huskies don’t remove - they hide. That is, users will still have the opportunity to leave a like under their favorite post. Only now no one except the author of the post will see the number of likes.

So it still makes sense to try in every way possible to earn them. For example, you can use the cheat services on Instagram.

It’s right to remove likes. The problem with likes is long overdue, and it’s good that they will solve it now. Likes distort the consciousness of users of social networks. People create their content in order to get a lot of likes and boast.

Other users, guided by the herd instinct, like those posts that have already gained a lot of hearts. Instagram developers decided to change this situation. Now the post will gain its hearts only because of really suitable content - not because someone has already put him 1 thousand likes.

For those who promoted their Instagram by publishing good content, nothing will change. On the contrary, such bloggers and brands will only win. Now the opportunity to seriously wind up the likes will disappear. Previously, you could bring bots to your page and get the right number of likes. And then real subscribers, noticing a post with a large number of hearts, put their likes on “such a cool post” on the machine. Now the user will have to decide for himself which post is really good and which one is just a passing one.

In general, the trend to remove likes gradually covers the Internet. I understand that soon the likes will be removed from Facebook.

True, in Russia, the most popular social network is VKontakte. This system is designed for young people, it is more “poppy”, so huskies will remain here for a long time. However, I am sure that this “take-like” trend will go down to “VK”.

In a sense, it’s a pity to part with the likes. We are very accustomed to them. Yes, and you must admit that it’s easier to live this way: you see a post with a large number of likes - you attach your like to them. No need to think and guess, just like everyone else. In a certain sense, humanity has lived this way for tens of thousands of years, since the appearance of man 50 thousand years ago.

This even makes some sense: the one who repeats after the others survives. After all, if you get out of the herd all the time, sooner or later you will be eaten by a predator that is hiding behind the bushes.

So personally, I am not opposed to the classic like system - it’s convenient for me to like everybody. In addition, I will not like the post, which I do not like. Even if there are already 1 million likes.


17 november 2019, 18:45

The main reason for canceling likes is as follows. Instagram makes sure that ordinary people do not worry about their photos, that someone does not like them. Social networks began to take care of the psychological health of users, which is confirmed by the function of calculating the time spent on the phone. In addition, in this way Instagram fights against cheating, unscrupulous users who earn likes in a dishonest way. I think this is a good and right decision. Although it is not a fact that the innovation will be approved. They can test it, and then remove it completely or from some people.

Moreover, likes will not disappear at all. They will not be visible to strangers, but the account holder will be able to see their number. Business accounts, bloggers will need to focus on comments that will replace such an indicator of popularity as likes.


17 november 2019, 18:44

Why does Instagram remove likes?

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